Kelston Guest House – Keeping you safe.


We are working in accordance with government guidelines and legal requirements.  It is imperative for us and you that we all ensure some basic rules are followed to reduce the risks associated with Covid19.  Hospitality is our business and although we have to set restrictions and distancing, this doesn’t mean we still cannot be sociable.  We are doing are part to ensure that all guests have an enjoyable and relaxing stay, therefore we ask that guests respect the guidelines that we are made to work too.


Before you arrive.


As per government guidance, if you have any Covid19 symptoms, we ask that you do not travel.  As with any illness, guests would need to cancel their planned stay.  We have to ask guests to agree to this new agreement for the time being; this will be emailed to you before your arrival and unless we hear from you, we will assume that you have agreed to the conditions under the new measures.


Should you become unwell during your stay with Covid19 symptoms, inline with government advice, you will need to leave immediately in order to travel home and self isolate.  We have full guidelines to follow, should this situation occur.


Checking in and social distancing.


We will complete a registration form as much as we can for you prior to arrive, if you wish to bring your own pen for signing and completing, please do so. Payment can be made in advance by BAC’s or taking card payments over the phone.  We are still accepting cash and cards on arrival.  We have the NHS Track and Trace app QR code available at our check in desk, however we do require a written registration form to be completed for guest house legal requirements as per normal.


Guests are now required by law to wear a mask inside the guest house, unless in your own guest room or sat down at your breakfast table.


Hand sanitiser will be available on the Check In desk and we do ask that guests use this every time they enter the guest house.  Keys would have been thoroughly cleaned.  We are no longer able to carry bags to your rooms, therefore please ensure that you are able to manage your luggage on stairs.


We will be allotting check in slots to guests to avoid gatherings on arrival.  If you arrive earlier or later than your agreed arrival time, please ensure that you wait outside if other guests are checking in.



We have always taken cleaning and hygiene extremely seriously.  All communal areas and hand surface areas, such as the bannister, door handles will be cleaned on a regular basis with approved disinfectant to be effective against Covid19.


Due to our house being a Victorian town house, we are asking guests to use common sense and respect.  You will need to wait on landings for others to pass, to allow safe distancing.  We are unable to install perspex or a one way systems and therefore, guests must be aware of others.  The communal toilet is closed until further notice.


Your Room


Your room will have been cleaned before arrival, using government advised products.  All main surface areas, such as light switches, hairdryers, remote controls and door handles will be cleaned thoroughly.


Additional items, such as ornaments, scatter cushions have been removed to reduce infection spread.


Inline with government advice, we regret that we are unable to clean your room on a daily basis or provide daily towel changes. Please leave rubbish bags, dirty cups outside your room before 11am.  The hospitality tray will be reduced but we will replenish any required items if notified before 11am each day. Our mobile number will be available in the guest room for you to make contact with us.


For stays of more than 3 nights, we will make arrangements to clean your room once during your stay. For stays of more than 4 nights, we wil make arrangements to clean your room at least once duing your stay and replenish towels. For stays of more than 6 nights, we will make arrangements for bed linen changes, towel changes and at least 2 room cleans.  Rooms must be unoccupied for us to clean, towel and bed change.  


This is not how we wish to run our business but the government guidance.


Guests are requested to wash their hands every time before leaving their bedrooms.




In line with government guidelines, we must ensure the window is open whilst guest are using the breakfast room, please ensure you bring a jumper.  Breakfasts will be at staggered times and pre ordered in advance to ensure the time slot system works.  So that we can serve all rooms with breakfast, you maybe required to leave your table by a certain time, to allow cleaning for the next sitting, we ask guests to respect this time slot.  All self service items have been removed and guests will be served these items.  Guests will be required to leave the breakfast room before the next time slot or by 10am for cleaning purposes.

The guest lounge / breakfast room is not available for guest use after breakfast. If you require cutlery or other items from the breakfast room, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you

Check out


On check out, guests must leave their parking permit and keys in the box under the check in desk.  We ask that windows are left open to allow the room to air.  Check out will be as usual by 10am and we ask that guests make sure they have left on time, to allow the required cleaning time. Unfortunately due to contamination guidelines, we are not able to store left luggage.


We really appreciate your understanding during this time and we hope that things will return to a more normal practice quickly.  This is not how we want to operate our guest house but your health is our main priority.